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You Can Learn to Juggle!

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    Welcome to the Juggling tutorial page.

    You can learn to Juggle, & Improve your skills

    Learn to juggle by following these animated and video tutorials. Advanced jugglers can select a trick from the menu on the left.

    First time Jugglers can start by Making a Set of Juggling Balls using comon household items.

    Start Learning to Juggle by Selecting One of the Introduction Lessons Below.

    Animated Juggling Lessons

    Video Juggling Lessons

  • Intro Step 1
    Make Great Throws
  • Intro Step 2
    Throw Catch
  • Intro Step 3
    Learn to use Both Hands
  • Intro Step 4
    Add a third Ball
  • Intro Step 5
    Improve Your Technique
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