Juggling Lessons
The Diabolo
The Train.

This animation doesn't show that the top hand stick is rotated so it is perpendicular to the lower stick, which points away from the body . This one is a fun trick that looks great.

  • Start with the diabolo spinning fast, and level.
  • Catch the diabolo on the Back of the string, by bringing the left hand down over the diabolo.
  • With the left hand stick, pick up the segment of string closest to the right hand stick.
  • Push the tip of the right hand stick through the space to the left of the string which is attached to the left hand stick.
  • Turn the left hand 90 degrees clockwise so it is perpendicular to the axel of the diabolo (The animation doesn't show this step, but it's important to do it)
  • make the diabolo jump over the right hand stick!

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