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Basics of Three Ball Juggling

Anyone who is willing to spend a half of an hour or so picking up dropped balls, can learn to juggle. It is easier than most people think, even children can learn starting at around age 7 or 8. This site is filled with animated juggling instructions, so you can see exactly how to do each step. Start with the basics, and then try some of the tricks. But be warned, while picking juggling up isn't too hard, quitting is nearly impossible. You are about to enter a world of madness. Enjoy it.

Try our new Video Instructions

Paul has just uploaded 6 videos to teach you to juggle three balls, plus has instructions to show you how to make a great set of Beginner Juggling Balls.
The basic Cascade Juggling Pattern is the place to start.
Animated Instructions Video Instructions

Basic Tricks with Three Balls.

Some people think that learning to juggle is the trick, but there is so much more that you can do. Once you've got the hang of the cascade pattern, even if you're not great at it, there are lots of juggling tricks to make it more interesting.

As soon as you can keep the balls in the air for more than twenty throws, then you should try some of the tricks listed below. Not only are you getting closer to becoming a proficient show off, but trying the harder tricks improves your ability to do the basics.

Here are just a few of the tricks that can be done.

Four Balls

If you have a solid three ball cascade, and are easily able to switch from one trick to another, then you might be ready to tackle the fourth ball. Remember that as you take on harder tricks, you will learn slower.


Diabolos are one of the coolest juggling toys going. It's sort of like a Yo-yo which can be thrown high into the air (50 ft or more !), and then be caught on the string again.

Order Diabolos on-line

If you're teaching a juggling class feel free to download this pdf instructions sheet. It is a great hand out to send home with class members after a juggling class.
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