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The Diabolo - Correcting Tilt.

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Pull your hand toward yourself, and the diabolo will lean towards you. If you continue the up & down action while doing this, the diabolo will lean faster.
The first thing you'll notice once you've got the diabolo spinning on the string, is that it frequently leans either towards you, or away from you until it falls off the string. Before you learn any tricks, you have to be able to keep the Diabolo level on the string.
  • The hand you use to spin the diabolo controls the diabolo. If you're spinning handed, use your hand to tilt the diabolo.

  • If the diabolo is tilting away from you, pulling the hand towards your body will make the diabolo lean towards your body.

  • If the diabolo is tilting towards you, pushing the hand away from your body will make the diabolo lean away from your body.

  • You don't need to stop the up and down action to correct tilt. The diabolo's tilt will correct faster if you continue accelerating the top, while adjusting the tilt.

  • Once your diabolo is level, bring your hands back together.

  • All of the tricks require a level diabolo, so be sure to learn this step before proceeding.


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