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The Diabolo
Two Diabolos - The Windmill.

Two Diabolos in a windmill pattern. Notice that the hands are quite close together, so that as a diabolo leaves the string, it is caught immediately on the other end of the string.
Start by throwing a diabolo onto the string. A good throw is key. Make sure that the second diabolo is parallel with the first.
You should be very confident with your abilities before you think about throwing a second diabolo on to the string. Once you try, you will become hooked, yes even obsessed with mastering this incredible trick. That's right - you won't sleep. You won't eat. You'll quit your job, and dump your wife, all so that you can spend every waking moment perfecting the windmill. Ok, you've been warned.

Using a cheap diabolo for this is going to make your life much harder. You want two big ( 5" is ideal) diabolos that have smooth balanced spins.

  • You need to be able throw a diabolo on to the string.
    • Hold the diabolo in the left hand, and hold both sticks in the right. Toss the diabolo up, and flick your wrist to start the diabolo spinning in the correct direction.
    • The left hand quickly takes a hand stick from the right. Catch the diabolo
  • Start with one diabolo spinning quickly on the string. Make sure that it is level. Hold both hand sticks in your right hand.
  • Throw the second diabolo in from your left hand, catching it close to the right hand stick. The throw in is the most important part. You need to make sure that the second diabolo is spinning quickly, and that it is already level when it lands, as you won't be able to correct it's tilt the old fashioned way. Most importantly, the second top MUST be parallel with the first.
  • As the second Diabolo hits the string, it will cause the first to 'pop' off of the string. Use your left hand to direct it towards the right hand, and catch it on the right, causing the whole thing to happen again.
  • Your right hand will do most of the work, whipping each diabolo down the string towards the left hand. The left hand is only gently directing each diabolo back toward the right.
  • Keep your hands close together, to minimize the distance that the diabolo has to jump from one end of the string to the other. Once you have the hang of it, you're almost transferring the diabolo from one end of the string to the other, instead of throwing it.
  • Once you have it, apologize to your loved ones for ignoring them for so many years... Maybe your boss will give you your job back.

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