Juggling Lessons
The Diabolo - Stick Grinds.

When the diabolo is resting on the stick, it will try to roll up the stick. Angle your wrist so it slides back down.

  • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level.
  • Make a low toss to the left side of the body.
  • Turn your left wrist so that it is perpendicular to the axle.
  • Catch the diabolo on the stick. The diabolo will start to roll along the stick. Make sure to angle the stick so the diabolo is rolling uphill, or it will roll off the end of the stick.
  • Throw and catch the diabolo back on the string.

If you perform a grind on the right hand stick, point the tip down and away from yourself, and the diabolo will roll up towards your hand.

Keeping the stick perpendicular to the axle is very important. Otherwise you will cause the diabolo to tilt.

For an advanced variation, try grinding the diabolo on the right hand, then throwing it into a left-hand grind, before returning it to the string.

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