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The Diabolo - UFO.

This one is always an audience favorite, but I've never known it's name. I call it the UFO, as the diabolo seems to hover above the level of the hand sticks.

"The UFO"
As you get good at this move, the diabolo seems to hover above the hand sticks.

"Step One"
Begin with the diabolo on the bottom of the string & swing it above the hand sticks from left to right and back again.
  • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly. In This move you can't really add spin to the diabolo during the trick, so you must have enough spin to last throughout the trick. Make sure that it is level.
  • Catch the diabolo on the Bottom of the String.
  • Note that your arms should be crossed with the left over the right
  • Swing (flip) the diabolo to the left, so it arcs above your head, and lands on the other side of the body.
  • Your hands should now be crossed right over left.
  • Repeate this motion, so that your arms alternate being crossed left over right and right over left.
Step Two
  • Once you are able to do the above easily, flip the diabolo to the left side of your body, but before the diabolo drops below waist level, quickly flip it back to the right.
  • Now try to keep the diabolo from falling below waist level, by starting "the flip" sooner each time.
This trick requires a lot of finesse, so at first you may be doing the moves correctly, but the UFO still won't look right. With a bit of practice, you will have it flying above the sticks quickly.

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