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We offer top quality juggling equipment, along with easy to follow instructions for a wide variety of juggling styles.

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True Canadian Balls- Thud Ball
The finest juggling ball available today. At 120g these balls are the perfect size & weight for juggling. They feel wonderful in the hand, and are very durable

TCB Thud Ball (each)
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TCB Thud Ball (Set of 3) $22.00 Add To My Order

Paul Isaak's Teaching Balls These balls are designed to stay put when they are dropped, making them perfect for beginners. At this low price they are a great first ball set.

Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange.
3 Ball set with instruction pamphlet $9.00 Add To My Order
extra balls $3.75 Add To My Order

Anti Gravity Diabolo
A good, and inexpensive, introductory diabolo. Includes diabolo, hand sticks, and instructions.

Anti Gravity Diabolo
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Jumbo Glitz Diabolo
A step above the Anti-gravity Diabolo. This 5 inch diabolo is balanced better, and holds it's spin longer, allowing for great trick sequences.

Jumbo Glitz Diabolo
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Beach Clubs
When you are ready to move from Balls to clubs, This is the set for you. Built around a solid ash dowel, the beach club features a soft handle.

Beach Clubs (set 3) $99.00 Add To My Order

Radical Fish Clubs
Perhaps the nicest club I've ever juggled. The center bulge looks unusual, but provides great balance, and fast rotation.

Radical Fish Club (set 3) $180.00 Add To My Order

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