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We offer top quality juggling equipment, along with easy to follow instructions for a wide variety of juggling styles.

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True Canadian Balls- Thud Ball
The finest juggling ball available today. At 120g these balls are the perfect size & weight for juggling. They feel wonderful in the hand, and are very durable

TCB Thud Ball (each)
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TCB Thud Ball (Set of 3) $18.50   add to order

Paul Isaak's Teaching Balls These balls are designed to stay put when they are dropped, making them perfect for beginners. At this low price they are a great first ball set.

Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange.
3 Ball set with instruction pamphlet $7.50   add to order
extra balls $3.25   add to order

Anti Gravity Diabolo
A good, and inexpensive, introductory diabolo. Includes diabolo, hand sticks, and instructions.

Anti Gravity Diabolo
$22.00   add to order

Jumbo Glitz Diabolo
A step above the Anti-gravity Diabolo. This 5 inch diabolo is balanced better, and holds it's spin longer, allowing for great trick sequences.

Jumbo Glitz Diabolo
$34.00   add to order

Beach Clubs
When you are ready to move from Balls to clubs, This is the set for you. Built around a solid ash dowel, the beach club features a soft handle.

Beach Club (set 3) $83.00   add to order

Radical Fish Clubs
Perhaps the nicest club I've ever juggled. The center bulge looks unusual, but provides great balance, and fast rotation.

Radical Fish Clubs (set 3)
$150.00   add to order

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