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Tricks - Toss Bounce Juggling

Toss bounce juggling is slow compared to regular juggling."
There are two basic methods of bounce juggling, Toss Bounce & Forced Bounce. The Tossed bounce is the easiest.
  • Using balls that have a good bounce (lacrosse balls are good), begin a Reverse Cascade. You won't throw the balls quite as high as you normally do, but be sure that the ball is thrown up, not just dropped.
  • Don't catch the first throw, but let it hit the ground in front of your foot. (Throws from the right hand land in front of the left foot, and left throws land in front of the right foot).
  • Wait till the ball has bounced, then make the second throw, allowing it to bounce as well.
You will notice that this pattern is quite slow compared to regular 'airborne' juggling. Once you have the hang of it, moving up to forced bounce juggling will speed it up.

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