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"A five ball toss bounce happens at about the same speed as a three ball cascade. "

Tricks - Five Ball Toss Bounce

When you learned to do the three ball toss bounce, you discovered that it happens quite slowly. The extra time you have while the balls fall to the floor and back, gives you room to add two more balls, at about the same speed as a three ball cascade.

"The first step is to toss bounce three, at the same speed as you would do a reverse cascade. "

First Step

Before you try with five balls, practice the timing by flashing three.
  • Start with a three ball reverse cascade in the air.
  • Switch to a three ball toss bounce, but don't add any space between the balls. Just miss all three balls.
  • You will have a two beat pause, before you catch the three balls. Repeat this over and over.
  • During the pause, try miming the extra two throws.

"Next, throw the first five balls, and catch them all "

Second Step

  • Place three balls in your preferred hand, and two in the other.
  • Make all five throws, and try for five catches. This could take some time.
  • Try to remember that the ball coming to your right hand was thrown from your left hand TWO LEFT HAND THROWS AGO.
That last point is important, and a bit confusing. With three balls, if a throw is a little out, you automatically compensate for it, by moving the catching hand to where the ball is going. But with five, if you make a bad throw, you don't try to compensate for it on the next catch, but on the one after that.

Work on this till you are very comfortable with it. Then try adding a sixth throw, by throwing the first ball a second time. Once you have that keep adding another throw, until you're juggling all five balls smoothly.

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