Juggling Lessons
Four Ball Juggling

Juggling four balls is really doing two balls with each hand.

By staggering the hands, the two separate patterns, can overlap one another.

In the basic four ball juggling pattern, you have two balls in the left hand, and two in the right. The balls do not switch hands! Practicing with red balls in the left hand, and blue in the right really helps.

Before you begin, you should be able to juggle two balls in one hand, equally well with either hand. You should also be able to do all three two ball variations (clockwise, counterclockwise, and columns), with either hand.

Start off by making two simultaneous throws, which start at the center of your body, and travel towards your sides. As each of these throws peak, make two more throws, also working from the inside out.

After practicing this for a while, try staggering the starts, to achieve a left, right, left... rhythm. You should still have all of the blue balls in your right hand. Most people find that the staggered start is easier, but starting off with synchronized throws really helps you to realize that the balls are not interchanging. So try practicing both variations.

Once you are able to keep the pattern going, if you place a red ball and a blue ball into each hand, it creates the illusion that the balls are interchanging hands.


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