Juggling Lessons
Tricks - The Flash

The Flash is a move which will lead to lots of trick, and will start to prepare you for 5 ball juggling."
To learn the flash,
  • First, toss one ball about twice as high as usual. Pause, and wait for it to come down, and then resume juggling.
  • Next, make two high throws, without breaking your rhythm. There will be a shorter pause before you resume juggling.
  • When you are comfortable with this step, then try a real flash, tossing all three balls up high, so your hand are completely empty for a second. Catch all three balls, and resume juggling.
Once you're able to empty your hands, then try doing something with the hands while they're empty. Try clapping your hands once, twice or even three times, before the first high throw comes down. Or do a pirouette (If your first throw is to the left, then spin to the right)

You can also try to mime two extra throws during the flash. If you have enough time to make two fake throws while your hands are empty, then you are working at about the right height and speed for five ball juggling. Wow!

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