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Part I one ball
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 Find a set of three balls which are about the same weight as an orange. Weight is important. If they are too light they will bounce out of your hands before you are able to catch them. Think of how the weight of a baseball makes your hand snap shut automatically. Ideally you should have three different colors.


Most Importantly, find balls which DON'T BOUNCE!
(or you'll do a lot of chasing)

This is Juggler Bob. He will demonstrate each step, and offer helpful tips!


Start by tossing one ball back and forth from your left hand to your right hand, and right to left. The throws should be;

  • Around eye level
  • About shoulder width apart..
  • the same height from both the left hand and right hand.
  • smooth and rhythmic
  • just moving up and down, & left and right. NOT forward and back.
  • Notice how the ball gets carried slightly towards your mid line just before each throw.
Once you're feeling comfortable doing this step, there is one more thing you should do.



Keeping your eye on the ball makes it easier if there is only one ball. If you want to add a second ball you have to learn to do Part I using nothing but your peripheral vision. It's easier than it sounds.

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