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The Diabolo - Around the Arm.
handed instructions, click here

Once you learn this one, you can also try around the leg.

The hand is used to toss the diabolo up, while the hand accelerates the diabolo's spin each time the top passes under the elbow.
  • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level. We've said it before, we'll say it again. The diabolo must always be level!
  • Place your elbow over the string. It helps to lower the hand as you do this.
  • Make a low throw, which is directed towards the segment of string which runs from your hand stick to your forearm.
  • Allow the diabolo to roll along the string, and back to where you started from.
  • If you want to do this trick continually, you'll need to add spin to the diabolo by flicking the hand stick forwards as the diabolo passes under your elbow.

Under the leg allows a few more variations of this trick. Start by just holding your leg over the string, and circling it with the diabolo. Continue throwing the diabolo around your leg, and set your foot down on the other side of the string, so you are straddling the string.

From there you can even turn your body a quarter turn to the , and alternate tossing the diabolo over your left and right hips. When tossing over the hip, you will need to reach behind your back with the hand stick to make the throw.

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