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The Diabolo - Half Way Around.
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This move is fairly simple by it's self, but when combined into sequences becomes quite interesting.

When the diabolo swings to the side, push the stick forward to catch the side of the string. .
  • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level.
  • Swing the Diabolo firmly to the . If you push your hand stick forward, it will catch the string on the side of the diabolo.
  • Once the diabolo passes over the hand stick, catch it on the string, between the hand sticks.
  • Pull your hands apart, and the diabolo will return to where it started from.

After you can do it to the , learn it to the as well. With this trick you can do it twice in a row, without unwinding it (or even three or four times). Also try doing it once to the , followed by once to the , and then unwind both ways.

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