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The Diabolo - Correcting TWIST.
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As you play with the diabolo, you'll find it beginning to twist, and you may need to slowly walk in circles to keep the diabolo facing you. Turning yourself to face the diabolo is a good way to fix the broblem for beginners, but with time you'll want to be able to make the diabolo twist back towards you.

Start by rubbing your finger on the diabolo, to make it twist. Later on, you'll learn to use the handstick to rub the diabolo.
Controlling twist is done by gently touching the top of either the near or far side of the diabolo. This is usually done with the end of a hand stick, but to begin, use your finger till you understand where to touch the diabolo.
  • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level.
  • Switch both sticks into your hand.
  • With any finger on your hand gently touch the very top of the diabolo cup that is nearest to your body. This will make the diabolo twist .
  • Touching the same spot on the far cup will make the diabolo twist .
  • The faster the diabolo is spinning, the more effort will be required to correct the twist.
  • An easy way to remember which side of the diabolo to touch is "Touch the cup which is too far to your ."
  • Once you are confidant that you understand which cup to touch, try using the end of the hand stick, instead of your finger. You will have to move a bit quicker when using the hand stick.

Correcting Tilt by Touching

You can use this same touching technique to control the tilting of the diabolo also.

If you touch the near cup on the side of the diabolo (instead of the top), the diabolo will lean towards you. Touching the far cup will make the diabolo lean away from you.

While this method is harder than the regular pulling or pushing method, the pulling or pushing method won't work while doing advanced tricks, or tricks with two diabolos. As you learn to diabolo, it's worth learning both methods.

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