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The Diabolo - getting started.
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First roll the diabolo to get it spinning, then lift it, and finally pull firmly with your hand.
The diabolo is best described as juggling with a Yo-yo. To get started you need to understand that the diabolo only ever spins in one direction ( ). Also the faster the diabolo spins, the more stable it will be.

To begin;

Your hand sticks should usually point straight forward, but we've turned them sideways in our animations, so you can see the wrist motions.
  • Place the diabolo on the string, and set it on the ground a little to the of your foot.
  • Take the slack out of the string, and point your stick down. Most of the string should be on the side of the diabolo.
  • Without raising your hand, roll the top across the ground towards the side of your body.
  • Gently lift both arms so the diabolo is in front of your knees.
  • Now that the top is spinning, pull your hand up briskly to make the diabolo spin faster. Make sure that you pass lots of string over the axle, not just a few inches.
  • Slowly drop your hand, and raise your to take the slack out of the string. This is done without a lot of force, so it doesn't slow the diabolo's spin down.

  • Repeat the last two points over and over, making sure that your hand does all the strong pulls, while your just takes the slack out of the string.
  • The diabolo should spin in one place just in front of your knees, without swinging from side to side, or bouncing.


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